Hoe maak ik een podcast?

Je kan een podcast naar ons sturen via de link Podcast inzenden. Wij beluisteren deze vervolgens. Indien hij van voldoende kwaliteit is, dit zowel technisch als inhoudelijk, publiceren we hem op het Tech Touch platform. Om je wat op weg te helpen hebben we een korte podcast gemaakt waar we ingaan op de technische en praktische benodigdheden om van jouw podcast een succes te maken!

Two violations of civil commitment law by Wesley Wayne Miller overturned by court at request of prosecutors and defense

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals overturned two convictions wholesale nfl jerseys this week of Wesley Wayne Miller for violating the terms of his court ordered civil commitment as a sexual predator. A third violation remains intact, however, and should keep the notorious Tarrant County killer behind bars for several more years, said assistant district attorney Page Simpson.

In an unusual move that confounded even some prosecutors in the Tarrant County office, the district attorney joined the defense in seeking relief for Miller on two of the three counts.

Miller, 48, was sentenced to cheap nfl jerseys from china 25 years in prison for the 1982 murder of Retha Stratton, a high school cheerleader. He has been released briefly several times since 1991 but always has landed back in prison quickly for parole violations.

When Miller was released in 2007 wholesale nfl jerseys he was civilly committed as a sexually violent predator and housed at a local jail.

While there, Miller was charged with violating the terms of his civil commitment for having a relationship with a female jailer. After being transferred to the downtown jail for that violation, Miller was charged with two more offenses after visits with his father and brother, who were not on his approved visitation list.

Miller was sentenced to ten years on each count to run concurrently.

When Miller appealed the convictions, the Tarrant County appellate division agreed with the defense that the visits with Miller father and brother were not violations of the terms of his civil commitment because he was incarcerated at the time. The Court granted relief wholesale nfl jerseys as requested Wednesday.Articles Connexes:

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