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Ziezo Vlaanderen 2015, de visiodesk: een functionele en draagbare loepe

mei 14

In onze Ziezo Vlaanderen reeks zijn we aanbeland bij de firma Kobavision die ons de nieuwe loep van Visiodesk voorstelt. Voor studenten die vaak van lokaal naar lokaal moeten ziet het er een handig hulpmiddel uit omdat deze loep makkelijk meegenomen kan worden. Meer uitleg krijgen we van Kobavision zelf. Indien je verdere vragen hebt over deze podcast, dan kan je die zoals steeds hieronder kwijt.

Journey From the NFL to Wall Street

Whether Authentic Miles Burris Jersey it’s on the football field or Wall Street, Eugene Profit knows how to play the game.

Profit, a Yale University graduate with a bachelor’s degree in economics and a former cornerback for the New England Patriots and the Washington Redskins, entered the financial sector in 1991 when he was forced to retire from the NFL due to a torn hamstring. News recently spoke with Profit, 48, about his passion for finance, what the NFL taught him about money and how the company he founded 15 years ago with $300,000 in assets under management has grown to nearly $2 billion today. His responses have been edited.

What was it like making the transition from the NFL to Wall Street?

Any transition from a sports league to something else is extraordinarily difficult. You go from being in this world where there’s this degree of exposure and popularity. You’ve been used to having structured schedules and structured goals in your life. Then you transition over into this world of complete freedom and isolation. I think that’s a pretty big adjustment. And don’t forget that, in most cases, you’re pretty young when this transition occurs.

What did you tell Emmitt Thomas, the Redskins position coach, when he asked you during your last year in the NFL whether you’re going into coaching or going to Wall Street?

I told him I wasn’t sure. I was equally split on what direction to take. In coaching, you are directing people to achieve. You are trying to analyze where they are and help them get better. It’s like that in money Authentic Sio Moore Jersey management, where you help individuals with their portfolio and help them make good investments.

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What was the deciding factor in choosing to pursue finance?

When I left Yale, I knew that when I stopped playing football, I would need something to do that I was passionate about and would enjoy. For me, that’s Authentic Mychal Rivera Jersey always been based in economics and business and entrepreneurship.

Before I was injured, I had already started looking into business ventures and looking at stock brokerages. I had my hand in the stock market, so it was a [logical] switch.

Did the NFL prepare you for the fierce competition on Wall Street?

As an individual, I would say yes. There’s an acronym a lot of NFL players use for the Usama Young Raiders Jersey league: not for long. There’s always somebody working as hard as you, and they’re always training someone to be your replacement. I think Wall Street is that way if you don’t perform, clients replace you.

Did you gain financial knowledge on the football field?

As a football player, you have to be consumed with playing the game. You need to prepare and put yourself in the best position to keep playing. Intense focus and going through sequential steps to succeed is applicable to a lot of areas, so it was easy for me to apply it to working in finance.

Who was the most influential person in your financial career?

The answer may seem odd, but I think that person was me. I really didn’t know how difficult this business is. I went out on my own and focused on growing my own firm managing the money the way I saw fit. I didn’t try to emulate a lot of other people. I think not knowing how this business works allowed me time to pay for my own mistakes. I wasn’t making money starting out, but I had money from [my football career] to support my business.

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The fact that I grew up without a lot of money allowed me to be comfortable not making a lot in the beginning. When I started my company, that was a period of time when I could have been making a lot more doing work for someone else, but I was focused on doing it my way and stayed with it long enough to convince more people to allow Profit Investments to manage their portfolio.

Top Windows Phone 7 Applications for Sports and Fitness

Windows Phone 7 Sports AppsWindows Phone 7 handsets are slim, mobile and very powerful so what better platform to develop sports related apps for? Available on the Zune Marketplace, these apps can be downloaded directly to your handset via Wi Fi, wireless Internet or through a USB connection with your PC, provided you have the Zune client installed.

We’ve collected a top selection of Windows Phone 7 sports related applications for you to take a look at and try out. Remember that all apps have a trial version, so even if you don’t fancy paying for the full application you can still try it out!

Fitness AppsTo begin with there is G Sports, a very handy stopwatch combined with GPS tracker which collects data on distance run, speed and pace as well as displaying your route on a map alongside graphs relating your speed. Again using GPS to collate the data, SmartRunner also features integration with social networking services like Twitter and Facebook. This top app is available for free!

If you’re planning on just keeping time yourself, Stopwatch Sport is a more simplistic Windows Phone 7 stopwatch app, featuring different timers to use as a lap timer, countdown or as a standard stopwatch. This app can be downloaded for 79p.

Finally, if your fitness is based purely on how far you run or walk, Step Counter is a very clever application which records each step you take throughout a day. Also including a stopwatch, Step Counter makes use of your phone’s movement sensors in order to record just how many steps you take in a given Cheap Jerseys day. Step Counter is 79p on the Zune Marketplace.

Windows Phone 7 Sports Game Apps There are plenty of sports related games on Windows Phone 7; whether your interest is football, basketball or something else entirely, there is a Windows Phone sports game app for you. Even if you’re not sporty, there are whistles, airhorns and vuvuzelas available via the apps MyWhistle 7, MyAirhorn 7 and MyVuvuzela 7 (each app is 79p)

Baskets is a very basic game but a great challenge. All you need to do is score as many dunks as you can in 90 seconds! You can buy Baskets for just 99p on the Zune Marketplace.

Go Fishing is available for via Zune, and is a great little arcade fishing game where the aim is to catch the best fish to progress to the next level. Earnings from your fish sales can be put towards upgrading your boat and equipment.

Blitz Football is a fantastic looking American Football game, available for just 79p. Simply tap the screen to pass the ball between your players on the 3D field across 5 different difficulty levels. Fans of American Football won’t want to miss this great game.

Sports News and Results To keep up with the latest sports news, you’ll need the best tailored WP7 news apps.

Sports news in the UK can be acquired via the free (non affiliated) BBC News Mobile app although this includes news from across the BBC website, it features a lot of sports news.

For Italian readers, the legendary Gazzetta Dello Sport is available and is a great, slick app Wholesale NFL Jerseys full of sports content. An English version is anticipated, and will also hopefully be free.

Scores is an Cheap NFL Jerseys app that displays scores for in progress games in the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB competitions. Fans of American sports will love this free app that stays up to date with all of the most recent game updates.

Finally, Weave Sports News is available for 79p and sends all of your favourite sports news directly to your Windows Phone! With 9 pre loaded categories, you can add new ones at any time, with information coming from a range of sources, like ESPN and USATODAY. News can be shared via Twitter or Facebook, making this a top Windows Phone 7 sports news application!

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